We have tried many of the major service offerings related to vacation rentals, and are here to share our experience on our favorites. It may seem there is a separate program for each aspect of a vacation rental, and that’s because these specialty programs enable you run a professional operation.

How do I setup an Airbnb listing?
This link will get you started and also provide income estimates for your property: Link to AirBNB setup page

Which management software should I use to make my life easier?
Automate the management of your Airbnb with easy to use communication tools and calendar management. Link to software page

Pricing Program #1
Maximize Airbnb profits by identifying the ideal pricing for each day using predictive analytics, to save you time messing with pricing every day.
Link to software page

Pricing Program #2
Another option to effectively price your Airbnb.
Link to software page

Beyond Pricing for your Airbnb

What about insuring my home?
Most traditional homeowners and landlord policies don’t cover AirBnb rentals less than 30 days – make sure you are covered. Link to insurance provider page

How do I create a guidebook?
We love using Hostfully to create an online guidebook for your property, including property information and local recommendations. This enables guests to review everything on their phones ahead of time, and enables to print a hard copy to leave in the unit. If you have multiple units, each one can be customized for that specific property and is easily adjusted. Their basic guidebook is free, but if you need more features use the code “mastervacationrentals” at checkout for two months free of their paid services. Link to software page

What about Cable TV?
Cable can be really expensive, so we recommend going with Smart TVs and an online TV provider instead. This enables using multiple devices in the property without paying extra fees, and for guests to log into their HBO, Netflix or other entertainment provider accounts. Link to software page

Cost Segregation Services:
We have had the pleasure of working with a great cost segregation company which helps keep more money in our pockets instead of in Uncle Sam’s coffers. They will run the initial example study for you for FREE so you know how much it will cost, and the tax savings potential. Cost segregation is a method of re-classifying components and improvements of your commercial building from real property to personal property. This process allows the assets to be depreciated on a 5, 7, or 15 year schedule instead of the traditional 39 year life for real property. Thus your current taxable income will be greatly reduced and your cash flow will increase. Email link to Cost Segregation Services

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