We have learned a thing or two in the process of purchasing, renovating and renting 5 vacation rental units. We generally enjoy researching the best products and diving into reviews to maximize value on whatever project is coming up, however this got old after a few times of looking at the same type of products. This website is meant to be a resource for owners of vacation rental properties who want detailed insight on setting up their property from others who have been in their shoes, and want to save time finding the right products and services to create a successful vacation rental.

Awesome carpet and 1983 cabinets…

We also want to help people see the opportunity if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, because tackling a renovation provides the ability to mold a property to provide the guest experience you want. It can take vision to look at a property that needs some love and get past the obvious that while livable, it kind of sucks. We know that feeling and are here to help make that process easier with our in depth articles in this Blog section.

Approaching the purchase of a vacation rental requires long term vision and a commitment to bring the property up to snuff physically, furnishing it, decorating it and building your online reputation as a great place to stay. Feel free to reach out anytime and we welcome feedback to better help our readers!

Ready to rent in Steamboat Springs, CO!

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